A quick Hello and Goodbye.. just isn’t possible

Friday was a fun day.. Mummy and I went to see Dave at Healthy Pets in Blandford, well, not really to see Dave, but to buy a new ball on a string for me, because last night daddy managed to throw my ball up into a huge oak tree and it got stuck. We’d been playing fetch in the big field after doing our walk in Bere Regis. He’d done the same thing the night before too.. but he’d managed to get it down again because it wasn’t too high up. Silly daddy – this is me playing fetch when I still had a ball.

Anyway, after we’d been shopping and found me a nice new ball, we went for a walk on the rec and did lots of socialising! It was quite quiet but I still met lots of lovely doggie friends to talk to. There was a big black labrador who was playing fetch with his mummy, a husky dog who had a beautiful coat, two cocker spaniels – one old deaf one and a friendly black one who was about 2 years old, some more labradors… and I had to talk to every one of them. Mummy wanted me to learn how to do a quick hello and goodbye.. but it’s really difficult.

It didn’t take us long to walk round so on the way home we stopped off to do my favourite walk at Winterborne Stickland so I could have a paddle in the stream! I’m so glad we did because we met 2 doggies in the cornfield and one of them was a 12 week old puppy on his first walk out.. he was called Buster and was a Clumber Spaniel. Mummy thought he was absolutely gorgeous and gave him far too much attention for my liking, but I guess he was kind of cute. He was my height but was really big and had lovely cream fur and big floppy ears.

A cute picture to end with.. it’s me on the settee in the conservatory. I thought mummy was going to tell me to get off, but I think I looked so cute she didn’t have the heart to make me get off and sleep on the floor. She’d put my cushion and blanket on it so I figured she meant me to sleep on them..

~ by Teagan on September 12, 2008.

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