Lazy Sunday Afternoon..

I should be so lucky!!

Daddy was up early this morning and off to Kent to go go-karting with Bear’s mummy and daddy. I’ve not met “Bear” yet but he sounds good fun, he’s a Bichon Frise and is white and fluffy. Daddy says he isn’t quite the dog he used to be.. his mummy took him to the vet last week! I don’t really understand things like that yet but it’s to do with puppies and I’m going to have to go to the vets as well one day so I don’t have puppies. Maybe when I’m grown up I’ll understand.

Mummy and I went for a walk up the fields and then down past Dairy House. I wasn’t feeling very lively after yesterday so we didn’t go very far because we went to see Granny afterwards. I like going out in the car.. we went to the office first – I sat in the car and watched mummy hoovering and doing things and then we went to grannies flat – we all went for a walk around the gardens and I had my lunch at grannies too. Then we came home and I had a nap for an hour or so.

After I woke up we went out and did the ‘backwards walk’ again, I know that’s a silly name but that’s what mummy calls it because when we’ve been with daddy we always go the other way around.

A huge great combine was wide awake and eating up all the corn in a field..

it was a safe distance away so I didn’t worry about it, but we did have to watch out for tractors when we got down the lane a bit. Gosh it was soooo muddy, great big deep puddles. This is the path we go down before we get to the really muddy bit.

On the way back home we met Sylvia who stopped to talk to me and tickle my tummy.. she’s going to have a new puppy soon – his name is Archie and he’s a border collie but at the moment he’s still living with his mummy because he’s only very little. While we were there another dog came by, a big creamy white labrador and his name was Dave! He was really big but we had a good time playing together.

Daddy got home just after we got back from our walk.. Anyway, I’m pooped so am going to have an early night and get busy doing some growing while I sleep! I’m 20 weeks old on Tuesday and I’ll probably be getting weighed again.. I wonder if I’ve put on any weight since last week when I was 7.3kg.. Hey, maybe I should get people to guess my weight and then I could send a prize to the winner!! Anyone going to join in?? Go on.. leave a comment.. and we’ll see if anyone guesses right!!


~ by Teagan on September 14, 2008.

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