Mud and Blackberries and.. Sawdust ?

Monday morning mummy had a crisis.. there was a huge spider in my water bowl – I didn’t mind him being in there but he kept swimming round and then pretending to be dead, which gave mummy the heebie jeebies every time she had to walk by my bowl. Luckily Auntie Helen from next door came to the rescue and fished him out and let him go in the garden.  Anyway, after the rescue we all went out for a walk together and we went up Bagwood Lane to pick blackberries and find some mud! Just for a change it was a nice day with no rain clouds.

Auntie Helen and me in the puddle

Auntie Helen and me in the puddle

We managed to find lots of blackberries and lots of mud too! This is the big puddle that I had to swim through when I came with mummy and daddy a few days ago. It wasn’t so deep today but I still got really wet and muddy.. and managed to splash the humans.

We found lots of blackberries but some of them need a bit more sunshine and rain to plump up so I suppose we’ll be going back again in a few days. I like strawberries better than blackberries but we didn’t find any of those.

I spent the afternoon napping and then when daddy came home we went to Bere Regis again – we really like that walk. There was something sawdusty going on though.. because every so often there was a little pile of sawdust, and at the turnings there were sawdust arrows too. Tee hee.. mummy says we should take a dust buster with us next time and vacuum them up.. or a bag of sawdust and put some more down on other paths. If you know what it was all about do let us know!


~ by Teagan on September 15, 2008.

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