Mooo Mooo

I’m 20 weeks old today and no one guessed my weight.. which was 8.4kg.. so I’ve put on about a kilo in a week. I’m catching cousin Shelby up and will soon be as heavy as her!

As it was my birthday, mummy let me choose where I wanted to walk this morning, so I decided to turn left and then go through the kissing gate into the field near our house. The little field before the stile has got really long grass and there are lots of lovely smells in it.. and I get let off the leash as soon as we’re through the gate which means I can run and jump wherever I want to. Then we get to walk through the prickly fields where there are even more nice smells .

We walked up Muston Lane and stopped to talk to some cows.. one of them came to talk to us while I was having a drink in the water trough and had a drink at the other end.

It was really soft and fluffy looking and I’m sure it was smiling at me.

I had a nice long nap when we got home..

This evening we went to Winterborne Clenston for a walk through the woods. It won’t be long before we won’t be able to have our nice family walks in the evening, and I won’t get to go to the pub either! It’s already starting to get dark at half past seven which is when we’re usually just finishing our walk so daddy will only be able to come for walks with mummy and I at the weekends, unless we go early in the morning. Mummy and I aren’t too keen on that idea though.. we tried an early walk one day and didn’t like it very much! Maybe when I’m grown up I’ll change my mind but right now I like to have breakfast then go for a look around the garden, and then I snooze in a chair or on my duvet until about ten o’clock.


~ by Teagan on September 16, 2008.

One Response to “Mooo Mooo”

  1. Love the video with the cow and Teagan at the water trough.

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