Time flies when you’re having fun

Gosh it’s been such a nice week with sunshine!! I’m not very fond of rain but I do like the mud and puddles and they’ve all mostly gone away now which is a bit sad. Mummy says they’ll be back again soon though.

This is me investigating something tasty.. we’re on one of the bridleways, I like them because sometimes I get to find nice fresh horse poo – yummy yummy, or to quote Gracie “Yumm Yumm Piggs Bumm!!!”, hee hee that made mummy laugh because she and her bestest friend Sal used to say that when they were small humans.  I also like cowpat but mummy doesn’t like me licking them (something to do with me giving her and daddy licks & kisses later on) so I have to do it when she’s not looking. Bunny poo is pretty yummy too.

What?? I can't hear you...

What?? I can't hear you

I’ll come a bit closer…

You want me to walk all that way over there ? ?

You can see how dry it is, the path is all hard and worn down.. sometimes it’s all muddy and squishy.  Even the cows are looking all clean and nice – what do you think of this dalmation cow.. cute isn’t it!

Do they come in stripes too ?

Do they come in stripes too ?


~ by Teagan on September 19, 2008.

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