I love the Beach !

Yup, me and mummy and daddy walked all the way up here on Sunday! It wasn’t too bad climbing up, it was kind of zig-zaggy, but going down to the beach was really steep so mummy was glad we didn’t walk the other way. I’m not big enough to pull mummy up the hills, but I did my best to pull her down the hill.. on the way down we met a little white curly haired dog, a funny looking thing with short legs. He was on his way up with his mummy.

We walked all along by the edge of the cliff – I was on a short lead and wasn’t allowed to look over the edge.

When we got down to the beach I had a little paddle but didn’t feel like going for a swim. We found a nice spot to sit down for a rest and have a drink of water. There was lots of yummy crispy stuff on the beach that mummy said was seaweed, and lots and lots of nice bits of wood that was really good to chew on. My grown up teeth are coming through now and it makes them feel better if I chew on something.. and mummy gets all huffy if I keep chewing on her.

Having a well earned chew on a stick

Having a well earned chew on a stick

There was another hill but luckily we didn’t climb up that one because it was getting late and we had to get home for tea.

The one we didn't climb!

The one we didn't climb


~ by Teagan on September 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “I love the Beach !”

  1. I climbed up and down a few of these hills on Sunday as well. 13 miles for the Walk for Wildlife over the Purbecks… aching now! Lovely pictures and haven’t you grown! J x

  2. Yes I’m a big girl now and 21 weeks old today. When I’m older I’ll be able to go on proper grown up long walks and really wear mummy and daddy out! Woofs & Wags, Teagan x

  3. What a beautiful place to go for walks. Where is this? Teagan’s a very lucky pooch indeed.

  4. Hi Fred, Mummy says this is Worbarrow Bay on the Jurassic Coast in the south of England and very near a ghost village called Tyneham, which was taken over by the military in 1943.
    Yes, I certainly am a lucky pooch and I’ve got miles of lovely coastal walks to look forward to when I’m a bit older! Teagan x

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