Woo hoo.. guess what I found..

Well, today was pretty busy.. we went for a longish walk this morning because the sun was out and there was a nice cool breeze too. We didn’t meet anyone out on the walk apart from some pheasants, well, mummy saw the pheasants and told me about them after they’d gone. I don’t know why she didn’t point them out to me.. I think I’d probably quite like to chase them.  I just don’t seem to see stuff. Like yesterday she told me there were three, yes THREE, cats sleeping on a car just the other side of the hedge.. and they all watched me running up the field with my ball and I didn’t see any of them.

Today I found something really nice in the field and tried to dig it up.. I wouldn’t tell mummy why it was so good..

Anyway, that’s not what I was going to tell you about.. the real big woo hoo is because I found out where all the Markies come from!! Those yummy treat things.. I’ve found a whole field of them!! Next time we go out I’m going to see if we can go and get some to take home. They’re really big so I guess they’re for huge dogs but I could just eat a bit every day.

Jumbo Markies!!

Jumbo Markies!!

In the afternoon we went to the vets and I got to see the nice man who saw me when I had my lump. I thought I was going to see Digby and Dora and Maisy and Jellybean but they weren’t there.. I wonder how they’re all getting on. I suppose they’re all growing up too – I hope I get to see them again one day.

Anyway, I was just there to have a vaccination for kennel cough.. because my bestest friend Shelby’s sister Maja is poorly with it at the moment and Shelby has been coughing a bit too. Mummy looked it up on the computer and it’s really catching.. lots of doggies have had it in Verwood and we were talking to a lady with a dog in Blandford at the rec and she said there was a lot of it about there too. I’m young and healthy but there have been some really poorly doggies who have had to stay at the hospital until they got better. Better to be safe than sorry mummy says.. and at least it means that I can go for walks with Shelby and not worry about catching it because you can catch it really easily even when they’ve stopped coughing and being poorly. It was really funny because instead of a big needle he squirted some stuff up my nose which tickled!! Easy peasy.. he looked at my teeth and put his metal round thing on my chest too. He said I’ve got most of my grown up teeth now but some big ones are coming through right now so at least mummy knows why I’m biting all the time.. they really hurt and it makes them feel nice when I chew on stuff.

We went to the office afterwards and saw Auntie Susie – she tickled my tummy lots and lots and talked in a silly voice.. I love seeing Auntie Susie, she makes me go all silly! Richard was there too.. I remember doing a tiddle, or was it a poo, on the carpet when I saw him last time, but I was much younger then and I don’t do that sort of thing any more! Daddy was there too but he was busy so we only had a little hello.

Must go to sleep now and do some more growing..


~ by Teagan on September 23, 2008.

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