It’s a Dog’s Life

Well I think that a dog’s life is just perfect.. the weather has been really nice and sunny this week, which makes a change after all the cloud and rain, and Mummy and I have been out on lots of exciting walks. When we’ve not been out walking I’ve been playing in the garden or just snoozing indoors.

Here I am reclining in the conservatory resting my paws after a walk. It’s hard work going for walks because I don’t just walk, I have to stop and dig and chase things and all sorts. The farmers have been sort of ploughing the fields.. not sure what they call it, just like little ploughing. Some fields have been proper ploughed and mummy doesn’t like walking across those because they have huge ups and downs.. We were in one of our usual fields when the tractor was going up and down.. we stood and watched it while it went down and turned around. It’s good because the soil is all loose and I can dig holes easier!

Sometimes I find things while we’re out walking.. usually it’s stuff that mummy doesn’t want.. like bits of rubbish, or dog poo.. but I found her a helping hand..

Daddy got home from work early twice, well, six o’clock which is early enough for us to go for a walk and get back to the car before it gets really dark. One day we went to Bere Regis and did the walk up around the heath and then on Friday night we went to Winterborne Clenston and did the spooky wood walk. It’s not actually so dark and spooky now because they’re working in the wood and cutting down lots of trees so that the trees that are left have got more light and there’s space between them.

When I get home from walks I have a drink out of my concrete water trough that mummy got me from her favourite ebay place.. and then have a little paddle to cool off!!

~ by Teagan on September 26, 2008.

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