Saturday Walk to Nine Barrow Down

Mummy and daddy didn’t get up early today.. all this walking is wearing them out! Anyway, it was a lovely sunny morning so we all went for a walk up Bagwood Lane.. we met a lady on a horse that mummy and I had met before. It was a nice big grey horse. There were lots of blackberries in the hedge so we’re going to go back on Sunday morning to pick some. We didn’t have anything to put them in today, except my poo bags, and they’d probably make them smell funny!

Daddy was supposed to go sailing in the afternoon but there was no wind so he stayed home instead and played with me while mummy was making soup in the kitchen. Making soup isn’t very exciting, but I don’t mind doing things while she’s busy.. the odd bit of gardening, or pruning the roses..

After mummy had finished we packed up all the walking stuff in the car.. water, my bowl, my ball, treats, the camera.. and went off down to near Corfe Castle. We parked the car and had to walk down the road a bit before we got to the footpath. This is looking back when we got to the top of the first bit of the walk.

We had quite a big hill to climb up, and this is me when we’re almost at the top with Swanage Bay in the distance. We stopped and had a drink before we did the next bit of the climb.

And this is the view from even further up the hill.. at Nine Barrow Down.

And a bit further round..

Then when we finally got right to the top we could see over the other side all the way to Poole Harbour entrance! It was a bit misty but it still looks kind of pretty.. especially with me in the picture!

It must have been really windy up there because all the trees were lopsided and funny looking..

Going down the other side of the hill..

Going down the other side of the hill

As usual I’m just a bit of a blur.. because I’m always running around and when mummy wants me to pose I usually spoil it by moving. This was a good bit of the pathway because it was through trees and was slopey up either side so I could run around a lot and do skids down the hill. Mummy tells me to pace myself, but I don’t have a clue what she’s on about!

This is me on the home stretch, before we did the last bit and got back to the road which we only had to walk a bit on before we got back to the car. We don’t like walking on roads but daddy likes to do his circular routes.. he’s really clever at finding fun places to go on the map, unlike mummy who’s no good at all with maps, especially the ones with the footpaths on.

The home stretch

We called in at the pub on our way home.. I was hoping to see Boycie again, he said he might be there early on Saturday evenings, but he wasn’t there. So that’s two Saturdays in a row that I’ve been stood up.. I think he’s a bit of a cad and I don’t know if I’m going to speak to him if I see him again. I sure won’t be giving him one of my tripe sticks.. I thought he liked me and wanted to go on walks together. Oh well, mummy says there are plenty more dogs in the park so I shan’t lose any sleep over him.


~ by Teagan on September 28, 2008.

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