The Bull..

We’ve seen it. The bull that is. He hides amongst the cows in the hope that we might ignore the “Beware of the Bull” sign and try to cross the field. He’s big and black and ferocious. Well, to be honest he didn’t look that ferocious, but he was very big and black! I bet he hides amongst them and waits hoping for an unsuspecting walker to cross the field.. so he can see who can run faster.. Yesterday he was right by the gate but mummy didn’t have her camera to take a picture..

Huddled by the stile in wait..

Huddled by the stile in wait..

He’s in there somewhere.. but it’s a long way to run, so we didn’t chance it!

We went down the lane by the farm instead.. we’re not supposed to go down there, but it’s safer! We had to go on the walk up past Hill Barn two days in a row because Mummy lost her phone on Tuesday night.. again, yes it was the second time, she lost the first one in Blandford but managed to get one just the same on eBay for 99p. So, last night we walked a long way because when she realised we turned round and walked back the way we’d come, but didn’t find it. I sniffed and sniffed  but couldn’t smell it.

Anyway, this morning we did the walk again and took daddy’s phone to ring mummy’s phone.. and we found it! It was near Hill Barn just past where we’d stopped when we met a chocolate labrador called Barney out on his walk with his mum – we had great fun running around together, he was almost as much fun as Shelby and Maja.

~ by Teagan on October 1, 2008.

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