Walk to the Adams Oak

It was a nice sunny day today so this morning we went out for a walk across the fields past the lane that goes down to Anderson. We were only doing a shortish morning walk so we turned round and came back the way we’d come.. I don’t mind doing that, in fact I like being able to sniff the sniffs from the other direction and catch any I missed first time round. We met up with the two dogs we’d seen yesterday.. Joely, a standard schnauzer, and a little terrier who was called Polo, I think. Joely is very pretty and has a very smart hair-do.

I had a nap when we got home, then I had lunch, and then I had another nap.. and chewed a few things.. I like napping and chewing, oh, and digging, I did a bit of that too out in the garden. Anyway, later on we went out in the car to Jane’s house. We left the car at her house and she took us on a lovely walk to see her tree, The Adams Oak, it was a really nice walk along footpaths and through fields and in woods. We saw lots of horses and met one dog when we were in the woods.

This is a picture of me and Jane in front of the big oak tree. You can read more about it if you click the link up there.

The Adams Oak.. an ancient tree!

The Adams Oak.. an ancient tree!

We called in at the pub on the way home to see daddy, he said he’d meet us in there. I didn’t spot him for ages though, I was too busy talking to Cloughie, Jiggy and Derby and the humans. I noticed him eventually and felt really silly for not seeing him sooner!

So a very nice day today.. and a big thank you to Jane for taking us to see her tree! Daddy has now looked it up on the map and was impressed with the 8 figure grid reference, not that I know what that is.. but he says we’ll go and see it again one day.


~ by Teagan on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Walk to the Adams Oak”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your walk (even if we did get an incy bit lost at one part!) I really enjoyed it too. The weather is a bit different today, I bet your mum is really looking forward to taking you out!!! Jane x

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