Does my..

bottom look big in this? I’m not convinced, it’s rather bright and I reckon the other dogs will laugh at me.

You want me to go outdoors in this?

You want me to go outdoors in this?

Oh well, at least I only have to wear it when it’s dark outside, so maybe no one will notice. Thank goodness I don’t have to wear it all the time..

Today mummy and I went to Bere Regis and did the walk we usually do when daddy comes with us. I thought we might get lost but mummy had paid attention and we didn’t lose our way once. It was lovely and sunny out but really windy and cold too, but it wasn’t too bad when we were in the trees.

This is my favourite bit of the walk.. all along a little path that goes through lots of ferns and prickly stuff.

It’s where I want to take my friend Shelby on a walk when she comes over to visit. We could have loads of fun running up and down the paths. There’s even some water for us to play in and Shelby likes water, this first little pond is a bit black and muddy.. loads of fun!

Bere Stream is really big and full of clean water.. which is kind of boring, but there’s lots of mud at the sides and some bits are deep enough for us to have a swim.

We also walk through big fields that are good to run wild in and to chase balls and things.

~ by Teagan on October 3, 2008.

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