Where have all the paths gone..

The tractors have been busy digging up all the fields. It’s not too bad when they’ve smoothed it all over but the big ploughing is really horrid because it’s really big lumps and ever so difficult to walk over. All the paths have disappeared though, so we have to sort of try and keep in a straight line.. well mummy does, I just go where I like.. and then I leave my ball behind and mummy has to walk off the path to pick it up for me.

This is where there are usually some deer but they weren’t here today because the tractor was still busy up in one corner of the field. There were lots of birds following the tractor, and a big pheasant too. He’s in this photo but I don’t think you’ll be able to spot him because he’s only a little blob.

This robin watched us walk all the way down the field.

And this cow gave us a funny look too!

~ by Teagan on October 3, 2008.

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