Return of the mud..

The puddles are everywhere again, and so is the mud.. lots and lots of it. It didn’t rain today but it looked like it might so mummy wore a jacket.. which made sure it wouldn’t rain while we were out walking! This morning we went up Muston Lane and then past Hill Barn and down through the fields.



On the way home we saw Archie again.. I can’t wait until he’s a bit bigger and had his injections so we can play together. Makes a change for me to find someone who’s too small to play with, usually I’m the one that’s too small.. but I’m growing lots and lots lately.

I haven’t said where we went at the weekend have I ? Saturday was really wet and horrid – in the afternoon we went for a walk in Wareham Forest and we all got really really wet.. it was pouring with rain and really really windy.. I was okay but mummy was grumpy because the water was soaking down the inside of her wellies. This is a picture of where we walked to.. taken by someone else on a better day! (Mummy says thank you to John Lamper © Copyright John Lamper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Woolsbarrow Hill Fort by John Lamper

Woolsbarrow Hill Fort by John Lamper

On Sunday I went out with daddy in the morning and then in the afternoon mummy took me and daddy over to the Milldown in Blandford so we could show daddy because he’s not been there before. We walked all the way round twice and went down the little paths and saw soooooo many doggies – there were loads and loads all out for walks or chasing balls or just playing. I was off the lead and tried to behave myself but a couple of times I had to be shouted a few times before I’d stop playing with my new friends. I even found some balls but they belonged to other doggies.. they didn’t seem to mind me picking them up but I had to give them back. I wouldn’t have kept them because mostly the doggies were all lots bigger than me! We’re going to go there again next weekend so I can do more socialisation off the lead when daddy can come too.. I like this socialising, especially when I meet a dog that wants to run and do mad things!

~ by Teagan on October 6, 2008.

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