My big furry friends..

We’ve had lovely sunshine for the past couple of days so it’s dried out some of the puddles a bit. If mummy lets me decide where I want to go for a walk then I choose to go in the little field just down the road, there are some really lovely smells in there and the grass is really long and tufty with mole holes and bunny smells to follow.

I haven’t seen any rabbits in this field yet, but I’m kind of noisy when I get let off the lead and go charging in, so they probably all hear me coming and run and hide.

After we’ve gone over the stile, well, mummy goes over and I go under, we walk across a field – it’s been smoothed over now so it’s not quite so bad to walk on – and then the footpath goes across another little field but we don’t go through there because there are lots of nettles by the stile and the field is full of cows. I really like the cows and we stop and talk to them.. yesterday we were talking to them for quite a while and mummy thought that there must be a water trough on the other side of the hedge.. because we could hear ‘water running’ the whole time. But when we walked up the hedge a bit we saw it was just another one of the cows having a piddle! It was the most ginormous piddle and just went on and on and on and on for ages!

Nice aren’t they.. they’re really friendly and come over to see us but we still don’t walk through the field with them.. they’ve got lovely big eyes and noses, almost as cute as mine don’t you think?

~ by Teagan on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “My big furry friends..”

  1. Those cows look so cute – love the way they look as if they are saying “so what’s going on then?”. What a big grown up girl Teagan looks now, so pretty too.

  2. Hello Sue, Check out my post from the weekend.. when I got really up close and personal with the cows! I’m nearly 24 weeks old now.. so that’s almost grown up! Hope to see you again soon. love Teagan x x

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