Busy busy busy

Gosh it’s such a busy life.. what with exciting new walks, meeting new friends and doing new things.. I hardly have time to sleep and do my growing. Well, that’s probably a tiny little lie, I do manage to get in quite a lot of sleeping.. and snoring!!

On Friday afternoon I had a really exciting walk.. mummy thought James or Tom from next door might like to come with us on our Bere Regis walk.. but we ended up going with James & Tom and their mummy and her mummy and daddy! So many humans that we couldn’t all fit in the car so we just went on one of our village walks. It was really fun with so many people to jump on! Little Tom’s my favourite so I made sure I put some of my muddiest footprints on him.

It was a lovely evening and the puddles weren’t too big.. but big enough for me to jump around and get nice and muddy. We did the walk up past Hill Barn – mummy tried to take some pictures but I was running around too fast for her to get any good ones of me. In the picture up there I’m the little teeny tiny blob just in front of Tom, who’s the teeny tiny human blob in the distance! We met Dave the labrador on our way up the lane and on the way back we met Dusty the retriever.. but didn’t meet anyone in the middle, not even Barney.

Anyway, as we didn’t go to Bere Regis on Friday, mummy and daddy and me went there on Saturday morning instead. It was really nice and sunny again and it’s good fun up in the gorse and ferns.

This is me and daddy on the pathway at the top of the hill. It’s really nice up here and there are loads of interesting smells and trails for me to check out.

And this is from the top of the hill looking back to Bere Regis where we start off our walk. You can see the big fields where we stop and play ball on the way back to the car. This is where I’d like to show Shelby and Maja, I reckon they’d really like it up here. Hey, mummy says that Shelby is now a proper lady doggie.. I don’t really understand it all but she says I’m going to be a lady too sometime soon, or maybe not until after Christmas. Shelby’s not allowed off the lead on walks at the moment in case she meets any boys.. sounds silly to me because I love meeting boys.. or girls.. or anyone really! We don’t very often meet other doggies on this walk, but we did today..

We had a little run around together before we all went our separate ways.. the next picture makes me look really funny with my ears flying around!!


~ by Teagan on October 11, 2008.

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