Guess who gave me a big sloppy kiss!!

On Sunday morning it was ever so funny outside, all white and spooky. We went over the road to the little grassy field and we couldn’t see as far as the big field.

Daddy said the white stuff was fog and it would go away soon. It didn’t stop us playing ball..

Daddy could hardly see me when we got up in the ploughed field.

But by the time we got up in the next field the sun was starting to come through the white stuff and it started to disappear really quickly.

We walked all the way down this field to that little gap you can see, and then we walked back up to the other corner before we walked back down again and on down to see the cows. By the time we’d done that it was really hot and sunny and all the fog had gone away.. not quite sure where it went, probably hiding somewhere in the sky.

These guys are all ever so friendly and they all walk over to see me when we walk by now. I’m not scared of them even though they’re really big. Sometimes when they breath out through their noses it makes me jump but they just want to be friendly. Today they all came over to see us and there was a whole row of them all lined up waiting to say hello..

The big black one and I rubbed noses and he gave me a big sloppy kiss.. ewww.. they have really big tongues and huge wet noses! I wonder if Shelby is allowed to rub noses with boy cows.. I think it’s only boy doggies that she’s not allowed to talk to at the moment.

Aren’t they just the cutest things.. if you can call something that big ‘cute’. I know I’m cute but I’m kind of small..

In the afternoon we went to the Milldown at Blandford to do more socialising but there weren’t as many dogs as there were last weekend. I was a bit naughty and ran off a couple of times to talk to other dogs, and once to see some humans who had been having a picnic and left some crumbs on the grass! They kept telling me to go away but I could tell they didn’t mean it, they were only saying it because mummy and daddy were shouting at me to come back to them!

There were mostly old dogs out for walks, the ones that just walk along nicely by the side of their mummy and daddy and aren’t interested in playing with me.

Not that I’d let them share my ball anyway.. it’s mine, all mine.. except for when I get bored and leave it behind for daddy to go and fetch!


~ by Teagan on October 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Guess who gave me a big sloppy kiss!!”

  1. Hello Teagan
    Thank you very much for the green tripe sticks and the l. bits – Mummy gave us some yesterday and Archie & I have been staring at the bags ever since, she relented and gave us some more at lunch time – it was soooo yummy. I went onto our bed and sent Archie outside to eat his just in case he finished before me and came over to take mine…. maybe one day we can meet and go for an exploration, I just love smells and run around and around in decreasing circles, although we possibly wont bring Archie – he has an asbo – he loves all humans, especially the mini ones but he is not keen on anything with 4 legs – silly boy. Thank you again. Harry the English Springer.

  2. Hellow Teagan. That big cow gave you a very big sloppy kiss. If you ever go bald you will know who to visit! Jane 🙂

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