Shelby’s Visit!!

I’d been so excited all week looking forward to Auntie Susie bringing Shelby over for a walk! I haven’t seen her for ages and ages – I’m about the same size as her now.. and she’s 11 months old. Her mummy doesn’t think that she’s going to grow any bigger so I reckon I’m going to be taller than her really soon because I’ve not stopped growing yet.

They arrived at tea time on Sunday and we all went in mummy’s car to Winterborne Clenston to go for our walk.. we went there because we’ve only ever seen one dog before and as Shelby’s in ‘season’ (she sort of told me about it but I still don’t really understand) she’s not allowed off the lead if she’s going to see other dogs. We did see a dog, but he didn’t get to talk to Shelby as I distracted him by fluttering my big black eye lashes while she walked by! He was absolutely the biggest and most ginormous dog I’ve ever seen in my whole life.. and of course mummy didn’t get a picture of him. He was a black ‘Newfie’ dog, that’s short for Newfoundland, mummy used to live there and says there were lots of them and they have really thick fur because it’s very very cold and there’s lots of snow. (I don’t know what snow is yet but I might see it one day if I’m ever so lucky.)

Anyway, that was right at the beginning of our walk so we both got let off the lead after he’d gone. Shelby wasn’t feeling like her usual bouncy self but it didn’t stop me leaping around and trying to get her to play! Mummy said I was a bit of a pest.. it was fun being a pest, whatever one of those is.

Mummy tried to take lots of photographs of us while we were out but we didn’t stay still very much so they were mostly of blurry blobs. I think she needs to practise more.

Next time Auntie Susie is going to bring Uncle Richard and Maja as well.. they stayed at home this time and went for a walk on their own. Maja is really big and bouncy and Auntie Susie thinks I’d get on better with a big tigger-like dog! Mummy says she’ll take me over to go for a walk with them in Verwood when Shelby is feeling better.

Meanwhile, back at home I’ve been trying to make friends with Lily. She doesn’t run away from me but she hisses and swats at me with her paw if I get too close! I try not to jump around too much but I just can’t help myself..

I know she’d really like to be friends because sometimes when she thinks I’m asleep she comes through the doggie gate and looks at me. She hops back through when she sees me open my eyes! Honestly, as if I’d do anything so naughty as chase her.. not likely, I’ve seen those claws and don’t fancy letting them get too near my nose!


~ by Teagan on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Shelby’s Visit!!”

  1. Wow, Lily is so brave! That little Shelby is brave as well… Teagan you just bounce so much, you never stop! You wear us all out just watching you, you are so funny! Jane

  2. Mummy says my middle name should have been Tigger instead of Rose. Woof 🙂 I wear me out doing all the bouncing too.

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