I want to bounce!

I’m a puppy and I feel fine and I want to run around and bounce all over but I keep getting told to rest. What’s that all about? It’s bad enough that I have to wear this silly lampshade on my head most of the time, but I’m not even allowed out for my usual walks and when we do go out it’s just a short walk mostly on the lanes or in the garden.

I’m pretty good all day but come the evening time I’m like a little wound up spring and go bonkers when daddy gets home from work. He does his best to calm me down but I just want to run backwards and forwards and jump up and down. It’s just soooo difficult trying to be a calm doggy.

Mummy says I’m not going to be allowed to go proper bonkers until after the weekend when we go on our holiday, and that’s ages away. She gives me extra treats and I’m still getting three meals a day even though I’m 6 months old now, but she says I’m going to only get two meals a day after I’m all better and not stuck indoors most of the time. I like the treats – I’ve got a big tub of yummy green tripe and bits of dried lung – the humans complain about the smell, and don’t like my puppy kisses when I’ve just eaten some, but I reckon its great stuff.  I’m getting pretty good at chewing my bones and toys without using my paws!

When daddy came home yesterday he told me and mummy that my friend Cloughie isn’t very well. I’m beaming her lots of good doggie thoughts and I hope she gets better really quick. I’m going to send her a card tomorrow – mummy says that’s what humans do so I figure doggies can do it too and daddy will deliver it on his way home from work.

This is a picture of me on the setee in the conservatory – mummy put a nice furry cover on it for me and lots of cushions and some of my toys and chewie things so I don’t get too bored.

I haven’t got any other news so here’s a little video of me doing my best not to go too bonkers with daddy.


~ by Teagan on November 3, 2008.

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