The Lampshade’s Off

Actually it’s been off since Wednesday when we went to the vet and a nurse prodded my tummy and took my stitches out. She said I was doing really well but should take it easy for a week or so and build up to my previous exercise level. So mummy’s been taking me out for short walks and letting me off the lead sometimes, but mostly I’ve been on the long lead.

The cows were really pleased to see me again and yesterday afternoon they came running over to the fence. The horses were pleased too.. it seems like I’ve not seen them for ages.

Mummy hasn’t taken the camera out with us because the weather’s been a bit horrid, but she went out on our big walk last week on her own and took some pictures. She was just doing a mud survey to check nothing had changed!

Beware of the Bull

This is the bull that’s in the field we don’t walk across when the cows are in it!

He thinks we can't see him..

He thinks we can't see him

He’s the big black one right in the middle, much easier to see if you click and make it bigger.

One thing had changed, in the field at the top of the lane they’ve put a big pile of straw and “stuff”..

Big pile

And this is a picture of “Hill Barn” – it’s a barn on a hill in the middle of the walk we call “Hill Barn” walk, which is the one where we sometimes meet Barney the chocolate labrador and his mum Julie. We were going on this walk just before I went to the vet and we met Boycie in the lane – did I tell you that before? He’s such fun, as soon as I’m all recovered I hope I get to have a run around with him again.

Hill Barn from anti-clockwise

Hill Barn from anti-clockwise

And this is Hill Barn from the other way..

Hill Barn clockwise

Hill Barn clockwise

I don’t think I’ve mentioned all the white sticks in the fields that were ploughed.. the fields that are now going green with grassy stuff growing. Well there’s one funny field that had lots of the sticks in it and now there’s a big green square in it! If anyone knows why they want a green square please tell me so I can tell mummy because she’s really puzzled..



Hey I almost forgot to tell you that I chased a rabbit! Yesterday I was out with mummy and I was nosing about in the hedge sniffing sniffs, as a dog does, and out popped this furry thing! It went ever so fast across the field so I ran after it until it hid in another hedge. Don’t know what I’d have done if I’d caught it..


~ by Teagan on November 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Lampshade’s Off”

  1. Wow Teagan your mum is getting a bit of a dab hand with that camera. Glad to hear that your awful collar thingy is off. That must have been awful. Well done with the rabbit. Next time you will have to be quicker! Jane

  2. Hello Teagan

    About the square patch of green, I’m not 100% positive, but I know the farmers around here do the same thing. I think they said that late in the season after they plow their fields, they plant either winter wheat or winter rye. One of them, and I don’t know which one, looks like the picture your mums took.

  3. Hi Spirit Dog, Yes we’ve got lots of fields round here planted with the grassy stuff.. but this is just a ploughed field with a small square of the green stuff. Very odd. Maybe they’re trying out a different sort? We’ll have to see what its like when its finished growing – it’s all pretty small right now, or if we see the farmer I’ll get mummy to ask him. Teagan x

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