My first Holiday

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last got mummy to do my blog for me. We were really busy getting ready to go on holiday and mummy had lots of work to do and then she wanted to clean the house before we went.. don’t know why she bothered because I can undo all her work in about 5 minutes.

I don’t know where to start, it was such a fun holiday.. we left on the Friday and got there at about tea time. I had my travel crate on the back seat of daddy’s car which was really good because I could see where we were going, but I mostly slept.. a growing pup can never get too much sleep. We were at a place called Deerpark at Herodsfoot near Liskeard in Cornwall and had a wooden cabin in the woods to stay in.. it was just like home because I’d got my doggie duvet and lots of my toys with me. The cabins were lovely and warm and had a kitchen in the lounge downstairs, and a bedroom upstairs in the roof. Outside there was a balcony up in the air because the house was balanced on big stilts. Some of the cabins had hot tubs on their balconies but we didn’t have one of those.. I think I’d have liked swimming in one of those but I bet there would have been a ‘No Dogs’ sign on it.

The Cabins

The Cabins

There were lots of cabins and we were in the one on the right in the top row. My friends Cloughie, Jiggy Derby have been there on holiday too and they told me how much fun it was.

Every morning we got up late and then after breakfast we’d go for a walk in the woods. Daddy had his maps with him so we went on a different path with different sniffs every day.


It was great, running along the paths and through the leaves and ferns.. and then there was all the mud, really deep squishy stuff.. mummy slipped over once and got a muddy bottom, and daddy almost lost one of his wellies when he stepped in a really really deep bit and it came right up over the top of his welly!!


Some of the paths were all green and fluffy looking..


Well, pretty soon I’ll tell you about the places we went to in the afternoons..


~ by Teagan on November 30, 2008.

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