More Cornwall

Well, I’ve already shown you some of the great woods where we went for walks every morning.. but I bet you’d like to see some more of them. There were some great smells under all the leaves and ferns.. here I am having a good sniff.


This is a video of me in one of my favourite spots at Deerpark.

And here I am with daddy on the last walk we did the day before we had to come home. This bit was pretty wild and there wasn’t a proper path so we had to climb over lots of brambles before we got to a nice ferny patch that was a bit easier to walk on.


We didn’t just stay at Deerpark, every afternoon we went out somewhere in the car and the first place we went to was Looe.

Me and daddy in Looe

Me and daddy in Looe

We went to Looe quite a lot, but on the Sunday we went to Polperro and had a drink in a pub called the Three Pilchards.

Me and daddy in Polperro

Me and daddy in Polperro

It was pretty cold and wet out so I was glad to get in the pub.. to warm my toes and have a bit of beer..
Just a little bit of beer.. pleeeease daddy?

Just a little bit of beer.. pleeeease daddy?

On the Monday we went to Looe again but on the way there we went down lots of little tiny roads to a little place called Cliff that mummy’s friend Lorraine had said was really nice [that’s her friend Lorraine who is frightened of dogs so I haven’t met her yet.. but I’m going to see her tomorrow night, and I’ve promised to be on my best behaviour].



The only other place we went to was Mevagissy and it was pretty windy and cold there too but nice in the sunshine.

Me and daddy in Mevagissy

Me and daddy in Mevagissy

I really like holidays and going to different places.. and meeting new friends. I met lots of doggies and a couple of really cute cocker spaniel puppies that were even smaller than me. I wonder when we’ll be going away again..


~ by Teagan on December 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “More Cornwall”

  1. You look like you had a great time. We used to go to Looe on holiday when I was little! Great pics of your walks Teagan… very impressed at your photography skills! Jane

  2. Teagan looks like she’s grown into a beautiful sweet dog and so lucky to be spending time in Cornwall. It was my favorite place when I was in the UK.

    I didn’t know dogs were allowed in pubs over there. So much better than having to leave them at home or tied up outside.

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