Brrrrr it’s a bit nippy out!

It’s been a bit “brrrrrrr” for ages now! Well, since we got back from our holidays. The weather’s mostly been really nice – a bit cold but nice clear blue skies and sunshine to take the chill off. The puddles are a bit cold for my feet but it doesn’t stop me running through them.

Steaming Heap

There was funny stuff coming off the big muck heap – mummy said it was because it was hot underneath, but she wouldn’t let me climb it so I could have a dig around to find out for myself.


The mud is pretty claggy when it thaws out and I sometimes end up with big muddy feet.. and mummy ends up with big piles of mud on her wellies too. We have to go in the little field to walk in the long tufty grass to get it off before we go home.

Come on Mum, keep up!

When we get home if I’m really muddy, which is most days now, I’ve been going in daddy’s shower. I didn’t like it very much at first but now I sit outside the back door and wait for mummy to get the water at the right temperature and then I walk right into the shower because it doesn’t do much good trying to get out of it! And it’s a whole lot nicer than just being dunked in my big bucket and hosed off with the cold water out of the tap outside.. that’s really horrid even if a kettle of hot water has gone in to make it a bit warm. Mummy always has the towels on top of the aga and after I’m washed and dried I snuggle up in bed with a nice hot towel!!

All Snuggled Up!


~ by Teagan on December 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Brrrrr it’s a bit nippy out!”

  1. Hey Teagan,

    Our puddles have been gone for some time now, there are really hard and cold right now and I always slip and slide on them. But it’s pretty cool.


  2. Hiya Logan
    Gosh it must be cold where you are. I’m hoping for some snow here, mummy says I’d really like it, so I’m keeping my paws crossed 🙂
    Teagan x

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