Saturday Family Walk!

Daddy’s been really busy at work lately so he’s been leaving home early and getting home late, and now its dark early I hardly ever get to go for walks with mummy and daddy. I don’t mind going for walks with mummy all the time, but it’s even more fun when daddy comes with us. Mummy likes it too because she lets daddy be in charge of fetching my throw toy when I leave it behind. I like having something to carry when we’re out walking but it’s fun hiding it and then watching them go and find it. Sometimes mummy doesn’t bother looking and I forget where I left it so I have to hope we find it on our next walk.

On Saturday we went to Bere Regis – we haven’t been there for a while, not all together anyway. It was really wet and puddly and here were loads and loads of nice smells.

Which path?

Now this was a confusing bit of the walk. The path splits into two and mummy went one way and daddy went the other way.. what’s a dog supposed to do? I couldn’t leave mummy to walk all on her own, and then I couldn’t leave daddy to walk on his own either. So there am I, a little puppy, well, okay, a pretty big puppy nowadays, in fact I’m probably not even a puppy any more.. anyway, where was I.. ah yes.. there am I having to run backwards and forwards to keep an eye on both of them. Next time I think I’ll make sure they both walk the same way.

Dec 13 Bere Regis Walk

When we got to the path that goes back down to the village, there was a huge puddle and daddy was being really silly. He was jumping up and down splashing me..

As if I’d waste time playing in a tiny little human size puddle. I went for a proper swim in the little pond that’s in the woods – it’s got a lot more water in it and is really deep in the middle, my feet don’t touch the ground.

On the last bit of our walk we met up with a chocolate labrador, just like my friend Barney. His mum let him have a run around with me and we both had some doggie treats off daddy. Hungry business all this running around.

~ by Teagan on December 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Saturday Family Walk!”

  1. Loved all the videos. Especially the one of your Dad jumping up and down in the puddle. Andrew really liked that one too! You must have got very wet and smelly in that pond. I expect you had to have a bath when you got home…. yuk! Jane x

  2. I’ll try and get mummy to take more pictures of daddy being a silly billy, just for Andrew! There’s duck weed in the little pond so I get covered in little green bits.. which brightens up the black sludgey stuff!

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