Busy, busy, busy

You just can’t get the staff these days.. mummy always seems to be too busy to do my dog blog, how on earth does she expect to keep a record of all my puppy doings if she doesn’t make time for me to write it all down. Tch tch.

The weather’s gone all warm again, no more icy puddles for me to skate on. On Tuesday it was really really foggy.. so foggy that we couldn’t see where we were going!!

Dog in the Fog

Dog in the Fog

We went up around Hill Barn and it was foggy all the way round. We had another look for the mouse too but couldn’t see him. We did find this funny cobweb, it looked just like a big trampoline.

Owner not in sight..

Owner not in sight..

We didn’t meet anyone else while we were out, unless they were hiding from us in the fog.

More dog in the fog

More dog in the fog

I still get muddy when its foggy – I’m used to having my hose down when we get home and I get in the trug while I wait for mummy to bring out buckets of nice warm water for me!

Waiting for the warm water..

This is my special girly pink dog trug, it’s just the right size for me. Sometimes I go in daddy’s shower and I’ve even been allowed to have a wash in mummy’s old bath water, but mostly I go in my trug.. something to do with me shaking my fur when I get out, mummy doesn’t like me shaking in the bathroom.

We haven’t done anything else much this week because I’ve got a limp.. so I’m supposed to be sort of resting my leg a bit. Daddy took me up to the pub with him on Sunday and I must have hurt it when I was running around with Cloughie in the bar. It didn’t help that I met up with Barney on my walk on Thursday, at least I think it was Thursday.. it was good to see him again and we had a nice run round and we walked back with him and his mum. He’s off to France for 8 weeks in the New Year and will be having fun in the snow, I shall miss seeing him. I’ve not seen snow yet but mummy’s told me all about it and I’m hoping we might get some here at home  this winter because it sounds like really fun stuff.

~ by Teagan on December 19, 2008.

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