What is Christmas?

I’m a bit confused about this thing called Christmas. The house has got some twinkly lights on it round the thatch and there are some indoors too. There’s a tree with lots of toys on it and lots of big fluffy reindeers and funny things around the house, but I’m not allowed to play with any of them. I also sneaked a peek at mummy through the crack in the door and could see her wrapping things up in coloured paper. She tried to explain what it was and what would be happening, but I just remember that she mentioned roast beef and lamb.. mmmm… Aunty Helen and Uncle Neal from next door are going to come round for dinner one night and also some other friends of mummy and daddy are coming and bringing their dog Bertie. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier and mummy says he’s even smaller than my friend Boycie. Not sure how much fun he’s going to be if he’s only as big as a cat… I’ve been told I have to be nice to him.

Granny is coming to stay with us on Christmas Eve and won’t be going home until the day after Christmas Day. That’s going to be fun! We went to visit her today and she was in bed when we got there – she has a sneezy cold, so I hope she’s better by then. If not then she’ll just have to stay in bed at our house and I’ll be able to keep her company and pretend to be a hot water bottle!

Daddy tried to get me to pose for a Christmas photo, but we didn’t get very far – Lily was sitting under the tree and kept distracting me by hissing and whispering rude things that the humans couldn’t hear. They think I’m just being naughty when I jump up and down in front of her… but they can’t hear the horrible names she calls me!

I don't want to sit up here..

I don't want to sit up here..

Anyway, they gave up in the end thank goodness. I even heard mummy talking about some antlers that she couldn’t find – that was a bit worrying, as I have a feeling that they were intended for me to wear. I don’t think that’s a very sensible thing for a dog to do..  I’ve seen pictures on eBay of dogs wearing really silly clothes and I hope she doesn’t get any ideas! It’s bad enough having to wear my bright yellow jacket and flashing collar when we go out for walks in the dark, but it’s just so people can see me, so I don’t mind too much.

Well, that’s probably it until after Christmas now as mummy and daddy have lots to do and I have to try and get my limp better so we can go for some nice long walks as daddy is going to be home from work for a whole 11 days in a row!!

Merry Christmas to all my human and doggy friends, and my blogging dog friends too – I hope you all get lots of nice meaty bones and toys. Lots of love from Teagan x x

~ by Teagan on December 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “What is Christmas?”

  1. Hello Teagen,

    Tell your daddy and Mums if they want to get some good picture’s of you next to that pretty looking tree.

    this is what they should do.

    1-Tell them, to put you on the couch with some yummy treats in front of you.
    2-Tell them, to get ready to take the picture, before they give you the treats.
    3-Tell them, whoever is taking the picture to kneel on the floor like your daddy was doing. ( something about a good angle, is what that spirit guy tells me).
    4-Tell them to take a bunch of pictures while you are eating the yummies and especially right after you finish.(hopefully they will get a couple of great shots)
    5-Tell them they shouldn’t talk to you while your eating( it may distract you). But, they can also try to talk, they have to experiment a little bit.

    Teagen, I hope you your mums, daddy and whole family have a great holiday !


  2. Thanks for the tips Brewster.. I’ll do my best, she just needs lots of practice and to remember to take the lens cap off! I think the food is a great idea.
    Festive woofs to you and all your family too. Teagan x x

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