Christmas Catch Up

My first Christmas.. and it sure was lots of fun! Roast beef with vegetables for my dinner, lots of presents to unwrap and I got to go upstairs and have a snooze with mummy and daddy in the morning!! How good is that!! This is a picture of me sitting under the Christmas tree – Lily is on the back of the armchair. (Hope you’re impressed Brewster – I didn’t even chase the cat!! I hope you and all your friends had a good time too and that SpiritDog wasn’t too busy.)

Lily and Teagan

Granny came over on Christmas Eve and stayed until Boxing Day..  so I had to be on my best behaviour. I got a lovely new bed and lots of toys that I unwrapped myself which was kind of fun because no one shouted at me for making a mess.

Opening Presents

My new bed is great, really squishy with cushions round the edge for me to put my head on. Not as good as being able to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed, but the next best thing!

Christmas Snoozing

We’ve mostly only been for one big walk every day because there’s not much time when you don’t get up until late, and it’s been a bit cold too, not that I worry about that but mummy and daddy have to put hats and scarves and gloves on which means it takes even longer for them to get ready. I still manage to find mud to splosh in. Here’s a picture of me in my pink bath trug – we’re outside my friend Tom’s house coz they’ve got a hot water tap outside so I don’t have to wait for mum to fill up buckets from indoors.

Me in my Bath Trug!

This was after we’d been out with Tom and James, his mummy and daddy, and his granny and grandpa, and some friends of his mummy and daddy too.. loads of people for me to jump on! It was ever so icy and cold – this is James and Tom in a puddle.

James and Lump of ice


~ by Teagan on December 28, 2008.

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