I’ve been on a Ferry!!!

My Ticket

My Ticket

Daddy had to pay a whole £6 for a return ticket to take me to the Isle of Wight and I wasn’t even allowed to sit on a seat!! The ferry was almost empty too.. so I think it was pretty unfair. Anyway, it was ever so exciting, even though the traffic was horrible so we spent ages in the car and missed the 12.15 ferry and had to get the one at 1.15. This is me and daddy in the carpark just after we got to Southampton. We had to wait a while so we walked around a bit – mummy and daddy wanted me to do tiddles so I didn’t embarrass them on the ferry if I got caught short (coz that would have been another £10!!).

In The Carpark

In The Carpark

I met some nice small humans while we were waiting to get on the ferry and then we went and sat right at the front. I couldn’t see where we were going because it was all foggy outside.

Me and Dad on the Ferry

Me and Dad on the Ferry

When we got to West Cowes I met my Aunty Kathryn and Uncle Steve for the first time, and my cousins Nicola and Ben. They’re not very doggy people so I had to behave myself and make do with tummy tickles from anyone else who would talk to me! We went in a pub for lunch and then walked around the town – I said hello to quite a few nice doggies.

Hello Handsome!

Hello Handsome!

I didn’t have to walk that far but it was all really tiring.. I was really tired out when we got on the ferry to go home – we sat in the same seats and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

Pooped Pup

Pooped Pup

So that’s another thing crossed off my list of “Things To Do”.. I wonder how many things I’m going to get crossed off it next year – bus, aeroplane, helicopter, quadbike..


~ by Teagan on December 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’ve been on a Ferry!!!”

  1. Sounds like you had a nice trip Teagan. Although If you had come over via wightlink you don’t have to pay and you CAN sit on the chairs……… Hope you will travel over again in April when we plan to have our next CotB. All the best for the new year from the DC clan.

  2. Happy New Year to you too, and all the DC Cockers.. wags & licks to all the puppies!
    Gosh we’ll make sure we travel Wightlink next time.. It was £17.60 each for humans, so it’s an expensive trip if I’m £6 and can’t have a seat! I’m looking forward to it – by April I’ll be a year old so hopefully I’ll be allowed to come over to meet all of you guys in your smart red coats!! Lots of love from Teagan x x [and her mum!]

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