The end of 2008..

End of year update – it was my birthday on Monday and I was 8 months old, and I weighed 11 kilos.  I think I’m almost all grown up now, so apart from filling out a bit more I should stay about this size. So I suppose I’d better watch what I eat from now on .. but as it was the end of the year I figured I’d go for bust today and I found myself a super duper triple cone!! Mummy and Daddy weren’t amused and said I was banned from giving them kisses for the whole day. Well worth it though coz it was just the yummiest frozen poo I’ve ever had.. you can see how big it was in this picture, and I managed to get the whole thing in my mouth too.

Triple Scoop Cone!!

Triple Scoop Cone!!

We went for our usual walk today and all the mud was frozen so I didn’t get very muddy. Daddy had my new ball flinger with him so I had to run a long way to find the ball – I’m the little black dot on this picture. Did I tell you mummy has a whizzy new camera that fits in her pocket? Daddy got it for her for Christmas so now she always takes it with her. She’s been getting more frown lines from trying to figure out how to do things with it but she’s sort of got the hang of it now and is going to go on a proper course so she can take really good pictures of me, and do all the fancy stuff with them.. the little videos are a bit funny because it puts sound in so you can hear mummy and daddy talking to me, and me woofing.

Playing Fetch in a Frosty Field

Playing Fetch in a Frosty Field

Oh no.. I told her not to put this one on.. this is when I managed to get the whole of the cord out of the bottom of her coat. I’m not always that naughty, but I was getting bored because she’d been taking silly pictures of stuff.

This is some of the silly stuff – these are sticky burrs that I sometimes get in my fur – I hate it when they get stuck on my ears coz if I shake my head my ears get all stuck together on top of my head and it looks really silly, and hurts like mad when mummy has to try and un-stick me! Well it doesn’t really hurt that much, it’s just a bit undignified having to be pinned down on the ground so I don’t wriggle around and make it pull more.

Sticky Burrs

Sticky Burrs

We went to the pub for a drink after the walk.. I didn’t get any of daddy’s beer today though.. because I’d had the triple cone earlier on. Flynn and Lily the sausage dogs were there too, they’re a bit funny looking – Flynn woofs a lot and Lily rolled over and showed mummy her muddy tummy!!

Flynn and Lily

Flynn and Lily

Oh well, that’s about it for now.. hope you all have a woofy New Year!


~ by Teagan on December 31, 2008.

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