2009 is gonna be a great year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Daddy’s going to go to the gym again… mummy’s going to get really fit too, walking me of course, and I’m going to be the bestest doggy ever and learn how to be really obedient and to sit for more than a nano-second. I might even try not to abandon my ball quite so often. I’ve heard the humans talking about ‘training’ and they mentioned the dreaded “Walter”.. oooh, that’s enough to make any pup’s knees shake. Oh well, how bad can it be? All I have to do is try to pay attention and do just what the humans tell me to do.. at least while we’re at the training class, then afterwards I can go back to doing what I like. Right? Hmmm.. I’m not getting approving looks, so I guess not.

Today we were really lazy and stayed in bed late. Mummy and Daddy went next door for my friend Tom’s birthday party last night and I got left at home. They didn’t get home until really late so they let me upstairs at 8 o’clock and I snoozed with them for a couple of hours. We did eventually all get up and went out for a late walk.

Hey, where did he come from?

Hey, where did he come from?

We met up with this chap who was all on his own in a nice sheltered hidey hole in the hedge.. all his friends were out in the field. I was just wandering along and all of a sudden he was just like ‘there’.. spooky!! Maybe I should pay attention to where I’m going.

Maybe I should just learn to pay attention. When someone throws the ball for me I start running before they throw so that means they have to throw it just in front of me, so sometimes I don’t have a clue where it’s gone. It’s a good job daddy’s so good at ‘spot the ball’, mummy’s not very good at it.

We even saw Santa’s grotto while we were out, but Santa was long gone and so were his elves. Maybe next year I should go to see if it’s there before Christmas and deliver my letter!


The reindeer look a bit wooden to me.. perhaps it’s magic and they come alive on Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit mummy’s friend in Somerset and she’s got sheep and ducks and chickens and geese and cats and a big dog called Truman.. sounds like we’re going to have a busy day!

~ by Teagan on January 1, 2009.

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