A Breezy Walk

Well today there was a change of plan and instead of going to Somerset we went to Lulworth for a walk along the coast. Mummy and Daddy got all bundled up in warm clothes and, as usual, I just got changed into my outdoor collar. As if that’s going to keep me warm!! There were lots of people there but not many walking up the big hill so we went that way.

At the top of the first hill

At the top of the first hill

Once we got up the hill it was just like heaven – horses had been leaving their mark everywhere and I had a grand time sampling a bit of everything, with a few bunny currants in between just to make it interesting. Didn’t do me much good though because I got put back on my lead which meant that I could only grab bites of ones nearby.


It was pretty breezy on top of the hill.. but it got rid of all the ‘dog crumbs’ out of my fur!! Once we started going back down again it got quite warm, and the sky brightened up too.


We didn’t meet many other dogs up on the cliffs but the ones I did meet were really nice. We met these guys when we’d walked down a really steep hill.. and they were just about to walk up it.


This is the hill we walked down and you can just about see these chaps and their humans had managed to get most of the way up, well, if you squint or click on the picture you can!

Doesn't look so high now.. but it was
Doesn’t look so high now.. but it was

By this time I was getting a bit tired and was ready for something to eat.. but the beach was in sight so I knew a snack wasn’t too far away.


After we’d walked back along the beach mummy and daddy stopped for an ice cream.. I got a couple of doggy treats..  and then we all got back in the car to go home. On the way back we stopped in Wareham for a walk around town. We were going to go in the pub on the quay but it had a “no dogs allowed” sign on the door so we walked back up to the Black Bear which was very dog friendly – I got my tummy tickled by lots of people.

I wonder where we’ll be going tomorrow.. it’s the last two days of the Christmas holiday and daddy will have to go back to work on Monday, so I’m hoping we’re going somewhere special.. I know mummy takes me out for fun walks but I like it best when daddy comes too because we get to go into pubs afterwards and I love going to the pub, especially when I get to have some beer!


~ by Teagan on January 2, 2009.

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