A Walk in the Woods

We went down to Wareham Forest today and went for a walk down to Hyde and round about..


It was mostly along proper paths but there were loads of nice smells and stuff to sniff. There was even a nice lot of my favourite nibbles.. but we mustn’t tell granny about that.. she told mummy that she’s disinherited me. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds pretty nasty.. and all because she saw me and my ‘triple cone’ the other day.

It's okay granny, it's a mushroom..

It's okay granny, it's a mushroom..

This was one that mummy said I wouldn’t be able to fit in my mouth.. so of course I had to prove that I could! 


This thing was really huge..


It was another cold day so all the mud was frozen and I got to walk on lots of water.. which I haven’t done for a while now. The path we followed was very wiggly and went round a big boggy area.. I bet that’s good fun when it’s not frozen..

After we finished our walk we went to my favourite place, the pub.. but we went to one in Bere Regis this time.



~ by Teagan on January 3, 2009.

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