Pup Idol?

Mummy’s friend Lorraine came to visit us on Thursday and we all went for a walk – we went to Bere Regis and did the nice sniffy walk up over the heath.

Stopping for a sniff of something..

Stopping for a sniff of something..

It was a lovely day, nice and frosty with ice on the puddles. Mummy thought there were some snow clouds around but we didn’t get any snow.. not that I know what snow is, but she says I’d like it. 7-8-jan-033

Anyway, we hadn’t seen Aunty Lorraine since before Christmas and she brought me a Christmas present!! I opened it all by myself and I was a bit confused at first, it was something pink, in fact it was very very pink.. I didn’t find out what it was until after she’d gone. I think mummy thought I was going to be awkward about putting it on, but I decided it was better to just give in and go with it.

I'm a Pup Idol

I'm a Pup Idol

So, what do you think.. am I a cool pooch?? I don’t think I’ll wear it with the hood up, it makes me look really silly and my ears get all bunched up inside.


Isn’t that cute? And here I am in another pose..


I quite like it.. and have even worn it to bed..


And tonight I wore it when mummy took me for a trip in the car when she went to the supermarket.. the car gets a bit cold when we’re not going anywhere.. and when we got back from town daddy was home and asked if we wanted to go to the pub. Me want to go to the pub?? Of course I wanted to go to the pub, I always want to go to the pub, even if I’m wearing a pink hoodie. I’m not sure I’d want any of my boyfriends to see me wearing it though – I’m supposed to be a proper working cocker spaniel flushing out pheasants and stuff and I don’t think a pink hoodie is quite right.

Hey dad, can I have a crisp?

Hey dad, can I have a crisp?

Big “thank you” to Auntie Lorraine.. I bet all my friends will want one now!!


~ by Teagan on January 10, 2009.

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