Nose to Nose.. No More

Wamba in 2004

Wamba 28/08/1991 - 14/01/2008

It was a sad day today because my step-sister Wamba went to Rainbow Bridge. I’ve never really had that much to do with her – she was a very old cat and used to live mostly on the kitchen counter. She was over 17 years old and I think that’s positively ancient, but then I’m not even 1 year old yet. We did sometimes say hello to each other but I never chased her, not like I do Lily..

This picture of me giving her a kiss was taken a couple of weeks ago.


Mummy says the photo at the top was taken a few years ago, a long time before I was born, when she was younger and much fluffier!

And this is another one taken last summer on one of her rare trips out in the garden.


Anyway, that’s all for today.. hopefully we’ll get back to normal tomorrow. Today was all a bit odd.. I did get my usual walk, but not until lunchtime, and then my friends Tom and James came round to play for an hour after school – that was really fun because mummy let us all play in the posh lounge! 

~ by Teagan on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “Nose to Nose.. No More”

  1. That’s so sad Teagan. I hope your Mum is OK. Make sure you give her lots of licks and snuggle up to her. 17 is REALLY old. Make sure you don’t chase Lily too much tomorrow! Love. Jane

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