Nothing quite like a good “Bonkers Moment”…

Well, hands up, how many of you guys have bonkers moments? I bet you all do… you know, when you just want to run round and round and round and do silly leaps, and then bite your mum’s toes.  Whenever I get told off, or don’t know what to do.. I bite toes. The thing is, I just LOVE FEET.. bare feet are best, or ones with socks on, but I even like feet in wellies and boots. Whenever mummy and daddy want to put socks and shoes on they have to go into another room because I just can’t help myself!

We’ve had some lovely frosty walks recently but the last few days it’s got warmer and all the mud’s come back. These are some nice pictures of me in the frost..  I look prettier when I’m not all covered in mud! This one is of me checking that a man with a camera wasn’t going to come back to follow us, we’re always a bit suspicious of people out walking without a dog but this one was okay and said hello to me..


I saw him off!!


A funny "ear" moment

Last Sunday we went for a nice walk in Bere Regis – it was still frosty and there were loads of leaves everywhere so we had lots of fun.

Someone has put a sign up to tell the humans all about the river and stuff.. I don’t know what was on it, but mummy took a picture because it will probably get wrecked pretty soon so we’ll have to see how long it lasts. Mummy says this one is a clicky picture so you can click and then zoom in and read the words, if you want to that is!


When we were at the top of the hill we met up with some other people out for a walk with their labrador.. we had a good play together, running backwards and forwards and even had a paddle in the frozen pond. I like it when I have someone to play with.. mummy and daddy could run round with me but they’re too boring and sensible most of the time.

Me and my new friend

Me and my new friend

Anyway, it’s really late now so I’d better let mummy go to bed.. we’ve been a bit disorganised after the events on Wednesday and, to finish the week off, mummy’s ISP has gone (no idea where they went but she was stuck in a garden something or other) and she has to find a new one.  She’s never very happy when she hasn’t got her emails and broadband.. obviously because she can’t do my blog for me and can’t write to all her friends telling them what we’ve been doing.. she tells me she has to work, but I don’t believe her and do my best to keep her distracted!


~ by Teagan on January 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “Nothing quite like a good “Bonkers Moment”…”

  1. Hello Guys,

    Great video’s of Teagan, Can I ask some advice. I’ve been trying to make some video’s of different types of dog behaviors, but the video’s really look junky. If I videoed a dog running around crazy like Teagan, it would be blurred and have all these little boxes.

    Can you tell me what kind of video camera you guys are using, how makes it a model number. And do you do anything special before you upload it.


    Alan (that spirit guy)

  2. That should read “Who makes it, not how makes it”

  3. Brilliant videos Teagan. Your mum had trouble keeping up with you in that first one! I think it was a bit mean that your dad kicked leaves in your face…. you should have done it back!

    Hi Thespiritdog. Both Teagan’s mum and I use Vimeo for our video uploads. They give you loads better quality than YouTube and Google Video. See my upload link here On Vimeo they will give you some advice as to the best compression settings to use when you upload your video (see ) and they also have info on how to upload, etc in their help section. I expect the videos look fine on your screen at home… it’s just when you upload them. So Vimeo should help. Good luck! Jane

  4. Sorry should have said the video recorder I used to use was a Sony DCR-HC28 (bought in the USA) and before that a DCR-HC22E (bought in the UK). Neither of them were very expensive. Most of the small video cameras out now will give you good enough quality. I’ve now bought myself a big-old camera (Canon XL1S) but you don’t need one this big! Jane

  5. Hello SpiritDog, I said Jane would have something sensible to say.. so I hope that’s helped you! Teagan’s mum

  6. Jane, Thanks for that.. er I think I might have to follow your links too.. compression settings? I have no idea what they are! I must make an effort to sign up to a digital camera course to learn how to do these things properly. Teagan’s mum

  7. Thank you that was very helpful, I will be visiting Jane’s site to to thank her also. And Jane that’s correct, the videos looked fine while editing on my computer.

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