Try to make a good impression..

It’s been a pretty odd week – we’ve had all sorts of weather.. cold and frosty, warm and sunny, and some really windy wind and rain. I’m not too bothered about the weather but mummy’s not keen on the rain, especially that sideways stuff which I don’t like either… if it’s like that in the morning then I’m happy to go back to bed until it stops! It was like that on Monday but by the time I got up and we went out for a walk it was after 12 o’clock and it was lovely and sunny.. a bit wet underpaw, but it’s like that most days.

Sunshine after the rain

Sunshine after the rain

Anyway, “make a good impression” – that’s what mummy says I should try to do when I meet new friends..  usually though, I’m just so0oo excited I lose all my self control and just go completely wild. Not always a good thing to do when my mum’s around because she’s always got the camera with her and she even catches me when I’m not looking my most appealing!! I’ve met this chap several times before, and he’s not what you’d call a real friendly guy, he’s happier to just toddle off with his dad.. but I never learn and I made a complete fool of myself.. this definitely isn’t one of my better photos!

Is that a disapproving look?

Is that a disapproving look?

Just lately I’ve met lots of new friends.. we see these little guys (or are they girls) most days..  they’re relations of my friend Boycie.. who I’ve not bumped into in ages!

The Shetland Ponies

And there are two ponies that have just moved back into a field that we walk past a lot.. I only spoke to the brown one though.. the other one was a bit shy.

Mandys new pony

It’s nice to have someone to have a quick chat to.. I miss seeing the cows.. and the sheep that moved into the field opposite for a while were a scatty bunch and all ran away when I walked by, and I wasn’t doing anything, just walking. I never woof when I’m outdoors – I save that for indoors, in fact I do it quite a lot, whenever I hear something outside, or a dog barking on TV, and especially when “Most Haunted” is on.. I hear things that humans don’t hear!

Anyway, this is a picture of Milly who belongs to Sylvia and Mike, who had little Archie for a while. She’s a real sweetie – probably not as much fun as  Archie would have been, but when she settles in I’m sure she’ll get a bit more friendly. They’ve not had her for very long so she’s not been allowed off the lead.. but I bet she can run fast!

Little Milly

Little Milly

Sometimes even I’m surprised when other dogs want to play with me – we bumped into the two creamy colour retrievers during the week, and they’re both kind of old and sensible, but we all had a good run around together! Even their mum was surprised.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

To finish off this one, mum wants you to hear me making funny noises..  so make sure you’ve got your speakers turned up! Lily was eating some chicken in front of the aga, and I could smell it.. [I’m mostly quiet after the first half minute, so you don’t have to watch right to the end.. mummy just forgot to chop the end off, sorry about that!]


~ by Teagan on January 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Try to make a good impression..”

  1. Loved the funny noises video… make me laugh! What a strange noise… do you make those sort of noises all the time? Your mum’s photography is coming along, loads of pictures on your blog now. You’ve obviously got loads of doggy friends as well! Jane x

  2. I do when I’m trying to be cute – and usually when there’s food around! I’ve got to be careful because she says she’s going to post a video of me asleep when I’m twitching and snoring!! The “daddy fetch” video didn’t come out well, so we’ll have another go on our next walk. love Teagan x

  3. What a great idea. I’m really going to enjoy visiting your blog. Cute video. 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting me Betty – mummy says she’ll enjoy checking out your recipes too! Teagan x

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