Anyone know what this is for?

On the Bere Regis walk we have to go through a weird barrier which is to stop ‘something’, and a funny boxy bit where horses can get through but have to step over two big lumps of wood. Very short horses could fit through the metal thing, but not with a passenger on top.. or perhaps very tall skinny horses could?  Anyway, if you know what this is for, do please leave a comment and let us know.

What is it for?

What is it for?

This is one of our regular weekend walks and it’s always a bit of a puzzle. I’m in between the bits of wood – with my new coloured ring! This is a brilliant new throw toy – it’s really light and easy for me to carry.. it’s also nice bright colours so it’s easier for mummy and daddy to find when I leave it behind. It floats too so we can play with it in water.


I’ve got a ball too, which probably doesn’t make me look quite so silly..


Now, where were we.. oh, Bere Regis.. we went there last Sunday and I had a great time. We were just walking along the path and mummy said she could hear voices, and if she’d been on her own she’d have put me on the lead. But daddy has this silly idea that I’m going to be good and do what he says, so he doesn’t bother, so of course I go rushing off to investigate.. and what do you think I found…

Sitting Pretty.. picnic party

You can’t really see very well from the photo, but right where two paths cross there were a whole bunch of walkers all sitting on the grass having their lunch.. daddy said there were about 30 of them. They all had flasks and were eating sandwiches and stuff.. so I went round jumping all over everyone saying hello. They weren’t all pleased to see me. Mummy and daddy figured it was a bit pointless trying to call me back, so they just walked on by really quickly and I followed on eventually.. mummy was too embarrassed to take a photograph up close, so this was the best she could get.. at a safe distance away. I thought it was really funny.


That was about as exciting as it got.. we didn’t meet any dogs or anyone else on the rest of the walk.. well, we did see a nice horse who said hello, but there was only one dog and that wasn’t ’til we were almost back at the car and by then I was back on my lead.


Anyway, I’m hoping that no one will notice that I’m blogging a week late for last Sunday.. because it’s already this Sunday but I’ll have to tell you about today’s adventures during the week!



~ by Teagan on January 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Anyone know what this is for?”

  1. The strange gate thingy is to stop motorbikes. Apparently the two sleepers on the ground are at exact distances apart that make it impossible for motorbikes to cross it. Hope that helps! Jane

  2. Ah.. so that’s what it is. Jolly good too, I don’t like motorbikes.. if I’m in the car and one comes up behind us then I always woof at them!! Thanks Jane..

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