Daddy’s Walk

Sometimes on Saturday or Sunday mornings I go out for a walk with my dad and we leave mummy at home so she can have a bit of peace and quiet. She reckons that it’s really difficult to clean the “dog zone” when I’m in the house.. because she has to keep moving me from room to room and when she’s hoovering I woof a lot.. and if I get near the mop and bucket then we have a great game of tuggy! Usually when I get back home I find that all my toys have been put away, my bed’s been tidied up, all the throws are back on the furniture and the floors have all been hoovered or mopped. It’s like she’s removed me from the house.. so I have to spend ages going round making it all a mess again. One day she’ll learn not to bother!

Anyway, this Sunday we didn’t go for a walk until lunchtime so we all went out and did the walk that daddy and I like to do. We go up the field that mummy and I usually walk up, but when we get to the top we turn right and walk across the field up to the main road. Then we have to walk down the road and then cross it to get to the lane.

Hurry up mum..

Hurry up mum..

We go all the way down the lane and at the end it turns into a nice muddy track with loads of puddles! This isn’t a particularly muddy bit, I just thought this was rather a nice photo of me..


At the top of the hill I found a nice bit of something chewy.. looked like a horses sock, I enjoy carrying bits of rubbish, so I took it with me.


The top of Bagwood Lane was really really muddy today because it was raining last night, so the puddles were really big and the mud was ever so squishy..


We found a huge puddle that almost came up to my tummy! I like splashing in puddles, and I even stick my head down in the water to see if I can find sticks.

There's something nice down here..

There's something nice down here..

When we get near the bottom of the lane we go across the field where the horses are then walk down the road and then back across the sheep field.. that’s not got any sheep in it at the moment.. so I suppose it’s not really a sheep field.


Horses seem to like me.. this one came over to say hello again – I’d met it once before on Saturday when daddy and I were out together. Anyway, that’s more or less the end of our walk except this time we did have a game of fetch in the sheep field, with daddy doing most of the fetching, and we also had a bit of a nose around an old tree house we saw. But I’ll save that for another day because this post is getting a bit long isn’t it and it’ll give you something to look forward to!

~ by Teagan on January 26, 2009.

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