Woofless Wednesday?

Not a chance.. I may not woof much though, but I can have a few words!!

On Wednesday we did our walks all back to front because I didn’t fancy going on a long walk in the morning. When that happens, I just down paws and refuse to budge. It doesn’t always work but sometimes I get my own way.. mummy takes pity on me in case I’m not feeling 100% and wanting a doggy duvet day! Anyway, we just went across the road to the field for a quick run around, and it was really fun. 28-29-jan-020

The field is great at the moment because the stream is full, well, it’s not really a stream, it’s a sort of dip in the field that fills up with water sometimes. There’s a little lake as well, and it’s just fairly soggy everywhere else.


Mum’s been trying to get some action shots of me.. but it’s a bit difficult because I’m so unpredictable and when I run I run really fast! This one’s almost there, I’ve got two feet off the ground..


This is the field that used to have my friends the cows in it.. it’s lovely hummocky grass and there are lots of mole holes, and there are bunnies living in the hedges so there are loads of nice smells. I could spend ages just wandering around sniffing.. I just love it.

In the afternoon we did our usual morning walk and on the way back we met this little guy.. spooky huh?

Look into my eyes.. my eyes.. my eyes..

Look into my eyes.. my eyes.. my eyes..

And in the evening we went over to visit Granny. I went a bit bonkers like I usually do.. but Granny gets prepared now and puts a blanket over her knees. I’ve also got her so well trained that she gives me a bowl of water too, and she even has some doggy treats in the cupboard.


I like it at granny’s because I get to play with a toy dog that lives with her. It used to woof and make noises but I think I’ve broken it because it doesn’t make noises any more. I’m wearing my pup idol hoodie because granny hasn’t seen me wearing it yet and mummy went to Sainsburys and she thought I might get cold sitting in the car.



~ by Teagan on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Woofless Wednesday?”

  1. Pup idol hoody? what is your mum doing to you, you poor dog! Look out for frog/toad spawn in that field pond in March… Granny looks like she is pleased to see you. Take care. Jane

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