First walk along a different path

Thursday morning it was really cold out – grey and damp and a cold wind from the South East. Oooh, daddy will be proud of me.. taking note of the wind direction. I didn’t really want to get out of bed, I was just sooo comfortable and cosy, but after I’d had just ‘another five minutes’ I thought a walk might be nice!

Just 5 more minutes...

Just 5 more minutes...

Mummy put on her earmuffs, scarf and gloves and we went out for our walk.. it wasn’t too cold really, just a bit chilly crossing the fields and not too bad by the hedges. When we got to the bridle path we decided to turn left instead of right, just for a change and because I’ve never been up that way. Mummy has, in her pre-dog days, but not for a long time. It was really really nice – no sticky mud and loads of new smells and holes and trees to investigate! This is one of those googly eye pictures.. makes me look a bit mad!!


We didn’t walk all the way along the path because it would have been too far for me, so we turned round and came back the same way. Just as well really because I found a super big bit of tree that I picked up and took with me for the rest of the walk. It was huge and very heavy but I managed to carry it almost all the way home. I’ve left it in a safe place so I can pick it up next time we’re walking by and take it the rest of the way home.

28-29-jan-062You can see how big it is in this little video of me (mummy says I look like I could be in the Flintstones, whatever that is), it’s only a little tiny clip.. dog carrying stick isn’t too exciting! There’s a black bit at the beginning, sorry about that, it doesn’t last long so just be patient.

When we got almost home we saw that someone had stolen a hedge!! It was just gone, not there.. the public footpath sign is just sticking up in the middle of nothing! I’d already been for a paddle in the stream to clean off the mud, but I had to go and investigate the non-hedge so got all muddy again.

Look no hedge!!

Look no hedge!!

We got back home and bumped into Sam (he’s a Springer Spaniel) in the lane with his ‘walker’ (how posh is that.. having a walker!) Did I tell you that we met Sams mummy and daddy at the pub after New Year and Sam had caught a stick that poked in his throat and he had to have it all stitched back up again? He was looking very fit now though, but playing with sticks is dangerous so that’s why I’m not allowed to play with small sticks.


Couldn’t resist just one more picture of me and my big stick!

~ by Teagan on January 30, 2009.

One Response to “First walk along a different path”

  1. Great stick! You be careful you don’t get splinters though… the vets say that is the main reason dogs come to see them! Awful destruction of the hedge. We have too few to lose any more…. do you know why it has been destroyed? housing? Seems a great shame. Jane

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