Missing Daddy!!

Daddy is away in London so he’s missing out on playing in the snow with me.. so these are some pictures just so he can see what I’ve been up to! This is me having my morning run in the garden before we went for our walk!


Today we went on quite a bit of our big walk, but we turned round when we got to the track where mummy says a car got stuck. The evil tractors were out again.. plotting their next move.


These weren’t going anywhere.. they were just ‘waiting’ for something.


We had sunshine for our walk but there were lots of snow clouds in the sky.. just not in the bit of sky above us 😦


When we got up to the field at the top of the bridle path we bumped into a snowman that someone had made!


He was kind of in the middle of nowhere, with no one to talk to and mummy thought we could make him a friend.. but I thought it was more fun to just try and eat the snowballs she kept trying to make, so she gave up and we had to leave him all on his own.


We didn’t meet anyone while we were out but we followed some footprints that kept on walking when we turned around.

And this is me up in the field on the way up to Hill Barn. It’s a good job I’m a black dog isn’t it!


On the way back there was a bit of a snow shower but it didn’t last long and now it’s all starting to go a bit soggy.


See all the snow clouds that are passing us by..


Well I need to have my nap now.. and finish drying off after my paddle. Mummy thought I was a bit potty because even though it’s cold and snowy I still went for my paddle in the stream on our way home!


~ by Teagan on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Missing Daddy!!”

  1. Too cute! Poor thing misses daddy! 😦
    Cute pic w/the snowman. lol!

  2. Hi Betty,
    Daddy’s come home now.. so I’ve got to stop being naughty because he always takes mummy’s side!
    The snowman was a very quiet chap.. nothing to say at all.
    Teagan x

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