Before the Snow

Well, before we were rudely interrupted by the snow I was about to tell you about our ‘family walk’ on Saturday. It was my birthday on Thursday, I was 9 months old.. hey, I’m almost all grown up now, only another 3 months and I’ll be a whole year old and be able to eat grown up doggy food!! Anyway, I’ll also be able to go for big long walks so mummy and daddy thought we’d go on a bit longer one so I don’t go from short to long ones overnight! Actually, I think it’s the humans that need to work up to long walks, daddy puffs going up the hills, it’ll be a good job when he can come out on walks in the evening again.


This is me on a new track that I’ve not been on before.. and this is me leaping out of a water trough.


There were lots and lots of new smells and it was exciting looking in all the new hedges and banks.. here I am having a little paddle in what’s left of a reservoir that got filled in.


When we got to the end of the track the path sort of goes lots of different ways.. it goes off through the woods, which would be really fun, but it was ever so muddy so we didn’t go that way. Daddy says we have to wait until summer time and all the mud has dried up. Doesn’t it look just sooo inviting?


We took the un-muddy track along the edge of the wood, there was lots of tall grass and tufty bits and even more interesting smells and things to investigate! Some of the trees looked really spooky and old..


Eventually we ended up on another track that’s one we’ve walked along before, but much further along than we’ve ever been before.


It was kind of muddy but not too bad. After we’d walked along a bit we could see Hill Barn in the distance and the wood where the pheasants are.


The whole walk was over a mile more than I’ve walked before, but I wasn’t even a bit tired and was still running around and sniffing and chasing things. After we got home I was kind of muddy so I had a shower – and for a special treat daddy washed me, usually it’s mummy, but she didn’t want daddy to miss out on all the fun! Unfortunately that meant that mummy wasn’t too busy to take pictures.. I didn’t want her to put them on here, but I suppose I’d better let her..

Having the shampoo rinsed off..

Having the shampoo rinsed off..

Usually mummy just does my tummy and legs but daddy got me all wet on top too, and did my head, so I was completely wet.. I think it was because I’d had a little roll in something smelly – ooh, and I forgot to tell you that I found a bit of rabbit, so had rabbit leg in my mouth too. Yum!


I look like a size 0 with a lollipop head 😦

Aren’t I just the cutest thing?


~ by Teagan on February 5, 2009.

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