Some of my best friends are horses..

Now that all the cows have gone to their winter quarters I’ve not got many friends to talk to in the fields. The sheep aren’t exactly chatty so I mostly talk to horses and ponies now.

Horse friends

Sometimes I get a bit over-excited and jump about a bit, but that’s mostly if they do one of those big horsey type snorts or curl their lip back and laugh at me. The horses that I’ve been friends with for a while now are the best.. they cross the field to say hello and I get horse ‘whispers’ and nuzzles which tickle a bit!

Whispering in my ear..

The little shetland ponies are getting friendlier too.. we don’t have kisses and whispers yet, but they do say hello now.

The little black one

That’s the little black one, and this is the little brown one!

The little brown one


~ by Teagan on February 9, 2009.

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