More Snow!!

Last week it started to snow on the Friday, and on Saturday we had a nice pile of snow again so we all went for the same “grown up” walk we did last weekend, and there was lots and lots of snow up at the top where no one else had walked!

Snow Saturday 7 Feb

It was a lovely sunny day and it was really fun going bonkers in the fresh snow.


We saw lots of prints in the snow.. deer, rabbits and birds.. and we even saw some deer in the fields. This one was nearest to us and we watched him run all across the field and into the woods. I sniffed and followed lots of tracks but didn’t find anything..


We made a mess of all this lovely snow by walking all over it and I left loads and loads of pawprints.


We visited the snowman we found last week, and as he was looking a bit sorry for himself mummy and daddy made him a new head and plumped him up a bit! Mummy put his face on lopsided so he’s sort of looking puzzled.. a bit like when I get told to “sit”.. and I don’t know why. Mostly they want me to sit for no reason which I think’s a bit silly, don’t you?


I like snow. It’s a pity we don’t have some every day.


~ by Teagan on February 13, 2009.

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