My afternoon with Frankie!!

Today I met Frankie!! He’s the new puppy that’s gone to live with my little friend Henry.. who’s actually not so little, he’s heaps bigger than me.. but Frankie is such a tiny little thing! Mummy says that I was even smaller than him when I first left home.. but I can’t really remember being so tiny. He’s just like Archie who lived with Sylvia for a while. Anyway, he was a little bit shy at first, so I tried not to be too boisterous.. but it didn’t take him long before he was running around with me!


Gosh, I look really small and nervous in that picture don’t I! I’m not really, I think it’s the way mummy was holding the camera.

Frankie 2

See, in this one I look loads bigger!! We had loads of fun running around in the garden and playing in the flowerbeds.

Frankie 3

That was us squishing some plants… and this is us with little Henry who was sort of dressed up as Darth Vader – not that I know who that is, or why he was carrying a big stick!

Frankie 4

And here’s another one of just Frankie and Henry.

Frankie 5

It’s thirsty work playing – this is us having a drink of rainwater out of a big bucket.

Frankie 6

I hope mummy lets me go and play with Frankie again soon, I had a really good time.


~ by Teagan on February 15, 2009.

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