Walk up Bagwood Lane

On Friday last week we went up  Bagwood Lane for a change. We don’t go that way too often right now because it’s so muddy and there’s loads of doggy doos. Anyway, once in a while it’s not too bad and a tractor had driven up to cut the hedges and had flattened some of the mud bumps out, so it was pretty okay.

Bagwood 1

Muddy isn’t it…  it gets even wetter a bit further up where the big puddle is, and the “big” puddle is even bigger!! Woo hoo, it’s such fun and mummy is such a woossy wanting to walk through it slowly without getting all wet! I make sure she gets a good lot of mud on her though.

There is a bit of normal sort of path where it’s not too muddy though.. there are lots of leaves and I like running up paths like this.

Bagwood 2

We didn’t meet anyone else walking up there but there were lots of pawprints and sniffs.. When we got up to the top of the lane we found out where the sheep have been moved to!  It’s drier ground up here and they seem to be eating lots of turnip leaves.. but not the turnips. Mind you, the turnips are funny looking things, I don’t reckon I’d be very keen on eating one either!

Bagwood 3

In the other turnip field someone had put these big funny round spinny things with huge eyes.. I got really spooked by one of them, it was the eyes, the eyes, I had to look into its eyes, its eyes (I think it was hypnotising me) until mummy told me to ignore it! She said they’re to scare the crows away.. I love scaring crows – when I see them all in a field I run up and shoo them all into the sky!

Bagwood 3

Here I am coming back after chasing the crows away in another field.. bet you can’t run as fast as I can!!

On the way back we took a little detour so I could have a paddle in the stream and clean all the mud out of my paws.

Bagwood 5

There’s  lots of water in all of the little streams at the moment, so mostly I have to swim and not paddle. This might be a clicky photo so you can read about why the Winterbournes only have water in the winter.. if you want to that is. I’m not very fond of reading, but I don’t mind eating newspapers..

Bagwood 6

~ by Teagan on February 16, 2009.

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