Let sleeping dogs sleep.. in peace..

As a young puppy I do an awful lot of running around.. which tires me out, just a little bit. So sometimes I just have to flake out and get a bit of rest.. this is me in the new bed I got for Christmas.

Sleepy 1

And this is me in the conservatory.. I was sort of oozing over the edge of the chair and should have moved onto the setee but was just too pooped to even move!

Sleepy 2

This was after I’d been out for a walk and was drying my hair off a bit..

Sleepy 3

Sometimes I even sleep on the floor.. but not very often!

Sleepy 4

I was guarding a Christmas chewy stick here.. well, I’m never sure who’s eyeing them up and I didn’t have the energy to go outside and bury it!

And here I am on the setee watching the snow, and yes I am squishing down the back cushions because I got a better view and it was really really comfy!!

Sleepy 6

Make sure your speakers are turned right up for this next bit and listen carefully..

Hey, I didn’t write that bit.. she’s taking typists liberties or whatever.. hmm.. I think that was being a bit rotten.. taking a video of me sleeping AND when I was “snoring” and twitching my feet. I was having a particularly fun dream about chasing crows.. and I think the funny noises were on the tv and nothing to do with me.


~ by Teagan on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Let sleeping dogs sleep.. in peace..”

  1. Thats hilarious. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Emma. Do visit again!
    Teagan x

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