Weekend Walkies

Daddy’s got the snuffles so he’s not been feeling very well, but when he’s at home I don’t like going for walks with just mummy.. I insist that daddy comes too! If he doesn’t come then when we get up in the field I start being naughty and want to go home again. If he’s gone out in the car then I don’t mind, but I won’t let him stay indoors on his own.

On Sunday we went for a walk around the woods at Winterborne Clenston. We did the walk a bit different to usual and walked up this little slope first.

Clenston on Sunday

And here I am with daddy walking up through the trees.

Clenston Woods

We found the boundary marker again, and we all stopped for a little rest when we got there. It’s a very posh marker with sort of wooden letters on it, a big W on one side and a C on the other side.

Whitechurch/Clenston Boundary Marker

Because daddy wasn’t feeling very lively we did a sort of round walk instead of the route we usually go, and we ended up walking down the big hill that we usually walk up. It was nice and sunny and in the summer we’re going to have a picnic at the top of this hill.

Down the Hill


~ by Teagan on February 24, 2009.

One Response to “Weekend Walkies”

  1. Hello T

    You should tell your readers how you chased the pheasant and then, when it flew up into the air, you stopped chasing and went straight back to your daddy. You’ll be a good gun dog yet.

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