It’s all to do with Muck Spreading..

Ages ago, when I was a lot smaller, I was out for a walk with my mum and we came across lots of blobs of foam in the fields. Very strange we thought.. not that I thought a lot about it because it wasn’t very interesting, and certainly wasn’t tasty.. otherwise I’d have paid more attention to it!

Anyway, on Monday we had another “foam day”..

Mysterious foam blobs!

They were all over the fields, big blobs and long sausages of it. Mummy googled and came up with this website that tells you all about the stuff, or sort of..  so now she can stop thinking its dropping out of spaceships!

It’s been really busy with tractors lately – they’ve been out and about going up and down the lanes and tracks.. mostly moving muck heaps from one place to another. At the farm we walk by most days they’ve got a huge great tank of runny muck that they suck into the back of tractors and then they take it up to put it in another tractor that sprays it all over the fields. Makes a right pong.. and mummy has the nerve to complain about me and my pongs!

Muck Refuelling!

Up Muston Lane there’s a field with big piles of chicken poo.. and they were moving that too and putting it into a different sort of thing, not like the one that sprays, this one sort of just flicked it out the back. They covered the whole of the field at the back of this picture – you can just see a teeny tiny tractor behind the green field.

Moving Chicken Poo

I wasn’t allowed to get too close to the tractors.. I got put back on my leash when we got near, otherwise I’d have been tempted to go and chase them. Sometimes I’ve seen dogs in tractors sitting up with the driver and that looks really good fun!

Digging Mole Holes

I’m not allowed to dig in the muck heaps either.. but I do get to dig in the mole holes – I keep digging them up but I’ve not managed to find a mole yet.

The Fence

A little while ago I told you that a hedge had disappeared.. well, now the field has got a fence and a big gate. And loads of mud.. hopefully some grass will grow soon because it’s all horrid and squishy and I’m not allowed on it because I’ve usually had my swim to clean off before we get here.

Here endeth a very mucky post! I love it..


~ by Teagan on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s all to do with Muck Spreading..”

  1. Hi Teagan

    Yea, they fling that smelly stuff around here too. The best thing is we’re allowed to play in it, as long as we wash off in the creek afterward.

  2. Wow, you’re lucky.. the nearest I get is to have a sneaky roll in the odd bit of pongy stuff!

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