I’m a Water Baby!

I just can’t resist it.. if I see water I have to at least have a little paddle. It doesn’t even matter how cold the weather is.. I was diving in when there was snow on the ground. The fields opposite our house have some nice paddling pools now and I go in most days for a swim after we’ve been for a walk.. means I don’t have to have a proper shower with bubbles and stuff! That little black blob down there is me..

Swimming in the Stream

And here I am again..

I’ve learned one thing about swimming.. and that’s that I can’t grab a ball on the water when I can’t touch the ground with my paws. Daddy threw my ball in the big pond and I swam out to get it and ended up pushing it further into the middle. It was really really deep and I could see daddy was getting worried about me so I left it there and swam back to the side.  I went back with mummy the next day to get it when it had floated to the edge..

Almost got my ball back

It would have been okay if I’d just picked it up, or left it for mummy to pick up, but it was still on the water and I pushed it with my nose and.. you guessed it.. before I knew it, it was right back where it was the day before!!

That was me having just a normal paddle and a little swim. Hmm.. I think that’s about it for me swimming.. so how do you fancy a bit more bonkers dog?? I can never get enough of going bonkers..

And talking of bonkers, take a look at this link for a really bonkers dog.. or perhaps it’s a bonkers dog mummy! I’m really glad that I’ve got sensible black regular fur!

~ by Teagan on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “I’m a Water Baby!”

  1. What a little water dog! Loved the videos. Not much snow… we still have about 3 inches! Teagan you’d love it! J x

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